How to Study Abroad

If you’re considering studying abroad and want to know how to make it happen, join us for our weekly “How to Study Abroad” webinar. Every Wednesday at 2:30 PM (Eastern Standard time) BCA Study Abroad offers you a chance to learn more about the study abroad process, who to speak with on your campus as you prepare to study abroad, and things to consider when choosing a study abroad program. You also have a chance to ask any questions that you may have about the study abroad process, BCA and our programs! These sessions are led by either a BCA Peer Advisor or a member of our Central Office staff all of whom have their own study abroad experience and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

To join a webinar, simply click on this link any Wednesday at 2:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time):

In the meantime, below are a few steps to get you started.

Step 1: Meet with your Study Abroad Advisor

Your school’s study abroad advisor can serve as a valuable resource during your decision-making process and can help you choose a BCA program that works for you academically and personally. Additionally, your study abroad advisor will know if credits acquired during your selected program will transfer back to your school.

Step 2: Secure Financial Aid

You should also determine your study abroad expenses. First, meet with a financial aid officer to learn more about your school’s policies and if your aid will travel with you. In some instances, schools will put a certain amount of money toward the cost of the program and the remaining amount is your responsibility. Others will allow you to pay the same tuition and room and board as a typical semester, so that your financial aid transfers and your school will pay BCA directly.

We encourage you to apply for BCA’s scholarship and check out all the other study abroad funding opportunities. Each year, BCA awards a number of semester students with a $1,000 scholarship and summer students with a $500 award. These scholarships will not cover all your expenses, however, so you will need to determine what your program will cost you and plan accordingly.

Overall, it’s better to learn early on if your desired program is not academically or financially supported by your institution. Then you can have adequate time to consider other options and not miss out on this great opportunity!

Step 3: Apply to Study Abroad

If your advisor gives the green-light to participate in one of BCA’s programs, then the next step is to apply online. You’ll be asked to share why you want to study abroad, as well as submit an official transcript, intended courses and recommendations. If you have any questions about our programs or your study abroad application process, please contact BCA’s Program Advisor at or 717-361-6614.