When are the deadlines to apply for this program?

The fall semester deadline is April 15. The spring semester deadline is October 15.

About the School

Where do BCA Strasbourg students study?

Students will study at France’s second-largest university, the Université de Strasbourg. With as many as 18 Nobel laureates, the university is now ranked among the best in the League of European Research Universities.

How many native and international students attend this school?

There are approximately 46,000 students and over 4,000 researchers at Université de Strasbourg. Approximately 13% of the total University of Strasbourg student population are international students, mostly but not exclusively from other member countries of the European Union. In the IIEF, which is specifically designed for international students whose first language is not French, Americans constitute less than 10%, making for a very rich variety of international students there.

What are the class sizes?

Class sizes vary, but typically at the IIEF  there are 20 or less students per class and at the the IEP there are 20 or more students per class.

What is the teaching and assessment style abroad?

You may find that teaching styles tend to be more formal than you are used to but things are changing. In the IIEF where language acquisition is the purpose, classes are very interactive. In the IEP, most professors tend to a more formal lecture style but are quite accessible to students.

What are some student life activities available on campus?

Université de Strasbourg has numerous clubs and sports activities. It is a great way to meet people and to get immersed in French student life. We highly recommend joining one or more.  Check it out! You should note that sport activities carry an additional charge.

Living Situations

What are the accommodations like? Who will I be living with?

You will stay with a host family selected for a number of attributes. Most host families have worked with our program for many years. Most are also located within easy walking distance of the university or you can take a bus or tram in the excellent and subsidized public transportation system. All host families live in safe neighborhoods. See more details about accommodations here.

Do host families speak English?

Host families are not expected to speak English, although you may find that one or two members do know a bit of the language.

Further Information

Are internships available?

Yes! The internship is a required part of the integrative cultural project.

Do I need a visa to study in France?

No visa is necessary for a stay of less than 90 days. Over that time you will need a student visa. You will need to make an application online through Campus France which verifies your dossier and allows you to apply for the visa itself. Be prepared to visit your nearest French consulate in person to submit biometric information. After arrival you will need a carte de séjour which the RD will help you complete. The good news is that the visa for France allows you also to visit other countries in the Schengen Community—most of the countries of Europe.

Do I need to know French to participate in the program?

Yes, BCA requires students have at least two semesters of college-level French to study at BCA Strasbourg. While in Strasbourg, students can choose classes that adequately meet their individual level of French language proficiency.


Is Internet/Wi-Fi available?

Wi-fi is available in all host family homes and at the university. It is widely available throughout Strasbourg itself. It is also cheaper than at home.