Strasbourg France

Resident Director

Ron Lyndaker Resident Director StrasbourgYou will find a warm welcome awaiting you in this charming border French city. Located in the picturesque region of Alsace, Strasbourg has styles ranging from traditional half-timbered houses and hearty regional cuisine, to an ultra-modern tram system, extensive bike paths and bustling cafés and nightlife. With resident national cultural institutions – philharmonic, opera and ballet, theatre – cultural opportunities are rich and varied. The European institutions in Strasbourg add to its cosmopolitan flavor and offer educational discoveries about European political thought. Strasbourg is noted for its urban planning and on a daily basis you will see how this city of history and tradition integrates a youthful vibe and green-living.

Our team support system gives you tools you need to discover the joys of Strasbourg’s rich intellectual climate. Unless you seek solitude, you won’t suffer from urban anonymity. You will get help to be involved in classes, activities and internships; we also choose host families with a great deal of care. Our group activities and excursions expose you to wide-ranging French riches: guided tours of museums, memorials, castles, the glories of Paris and even a French chef cooking class.

I was myself a study abroad student with BCA in Strasbourg during my own undergraduate junior year. It’s a pleasure now, to currently teach not only American, but also French and European students.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment and achievement you will feel in mastering a French conversation.  Be prepared to be inspired, excited, challenged, to make new friendships, all while having fun!  I know that your semester in Strasbourg will deepen your understanding of the French language and culture, and like all good journeys, this one will also lead to unprecedented insights about the culture that is “home,” and about one’s self.

Soyez le bienvenu à Strasbourg!

Dr. Ronald Lyndaker

BCA Strasbourg Resident Director