Strasbourg France

Strasbourg, France

Why BCA Strasbourg?

  • Strasbourg is a youthful city with lots of students but comparatively few Americans students or tourists. The BCA program offers opportunities for language immersion through a local institute that typically has fewer than 10% US students enrolled at any one time.
  • As a European city, home to the European Parliament and other offices and companies, together with its proximity to Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium, the city of Strasbourg and the BCA program offer unique experiences for language learners and students of business, international relations, and Europe.
  • Strasbourg is a livable city, smaller than Paris but more affordable, where you are less likely to hear English spoken by the inhabitants. It is a beautiful city laced with waterways and bridges, intimate neighborhoods, amazing architecture, and a lively cultural life. Excellent public transportation, which is subsidized through BCA Strasbourg program, allows you to explore the city as a local.
  • At the crossroads of Europe, you can literally walk to Germany from the Strasbourg city center, take the bus or tram over the River Rhine and experience the European dream of free movement of peoples—no border wall, no visas, no immigration or customs! You can see the famed Black Forest from Strasbourg and make a day trip there.

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