Trinidad and Tobago


The University of the West Indies offers several dormitories for students (both single sex and combined) where you will live.  Many of the students in the dorms are from the Caribbean countries outside Trinidad. There are individual and shared rooms, and every few rooms share a communal kitchen and common room. Often students coordinate to share cooking and cleaning responsibilities. A custodian comes in once per week to clean common areas.

Student Advisory Services
Student services at The UWI are modeled on the values and goals of the equivalent US student services organization and so student support services are equivalent to what students might expect in the US.

Campus Life

Student Life at The UWI St. Augustine is rich. Student clubs include those that are academic like the Management, History, Economics clubs; those that are religiously-based like those for Catholics, Adventists, Hindus, Muslims; and those that are interest based like the Hiking Club, Habitat for Humanity, social change and endurance. As a diverse society and diverse student body, major religious festivals are respected on and off campus with music, dance and food.

Safety on Campus

The University campus is a gated community and has just two entrances both equipped with security to entrance and egress. Orientation at The UWI takes awareness of possible crime very seriously not just for international students but also for the many students who attend from the smaller island nations of the Caribbean where crime is virtually unknown. Basic awareness, common sense and prevention is therefore stressed.