Trinidad and Tobago


When are the deadlines to apply for this program?

The fall semester deadline is May 15. The spring semester deadline is October 1.

About the School

Where do BCA Trinidad students study?

Students study at The University of the West Indies in St. Augustine, just off the coast of Venezuela in the Lesser Antilles. The school provides challenging coursework and an excellent faculty, all while students immerse themselves in the sunny, relaxing Caribbean lifestyle. They’ll experience Trinidad’s vibrant music, a lively, diverse society, and of course—the natural island beauty of St. Augustine.

How many native and international students attend this school?

There are about 10,000-15,000 on The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus.

What are the class sizes?

Average class size is between 200 – 300, depending on the faculty and the level at which the course is taught.

What is the teaching and assessment style abroad?

Teaching involves seminars, lectures, and sometimes practical approaches and field work. Students also sign up for a tutorial where they can practice coursework. Essays and exams are the main types of assessment. Review the course listing to see what kind of classes are available!

What are some student life activities available on campus?

There are plenty of sports, clubs, and societies on campus! See for yourself here.

Living Situations

What are the accommodations like? Who will I be living with?

Students will live in single-sex or co-ed dormitories on campus in a single room.  You will live with international and native students, and many residents will come from nearby Caribbean countries. Read more about accommodations here.

Further Information

Are internships available?

There are no internships set up through BCA for this program, although your resident director may have suggestions for you if you choose to seek one out on your own. There are also plenty of volunteering opportunities available.


Is Internet/Wi-Fi available?

The university and residence halls are equipped with Internet access.