Resident Director

When thinking about BCA Quito, it is best to think about it as a journey … a journey to the middle of the world. Ecuador, as its name suggests, is situated on the equator. Although only the size of Oregon, one will be hard-pressed to find a more diverse country anywhere in the world. The bulk of your journey will be among the marvelous Andes Mountains, highlighted by numerous snow-capped volcanoes.

You will study in one of the country’s premier universities, the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, which offers a wide range of courses similar to those of U.S. universities. You will be communicating in Quiteñan Spanish, meaning that you will learn numerous Quichua words, which are part of the daily vernacular. While most of the people you see around you are mestizos (a mix of Spanish and indigenous descent), you will recognize significant human diversity, including varied indigenous cultures, Anglos, Afro-Ecuatorianos, Asians and Arabs.

Everywhere you go you will encounter different cultures, socio-economic situations, traditions and foods. A significant part of the journey is your effort to understand the complexity of the country, city and school where you study. As you travel, whether to other parts of the country, or just on your daily commute to school, you will witness human challenges that most of us normally take for granted. Poverty, segregation and political instability are the norm. It is very likely that you will become frustrated with the unfair distribution of wealth, and this will be complicated even more when you realize that many of your classmates are children of the extreme upper class. It is also likely that you will begin to see your own country in a different light, as you learn about its effect on small developing nations like Ecuador. Your journey will be a true exploration of our new global society and hopefully your inauguration as a global citizen.

Daniel Bryan
Resident Director, BCA Ecuador