About Quito

Quito City SunsetSituated high in the Andes Quito, Ecuador’s capital, has a growing population of 2 million people and is the perfect mix of traditional Ecuadorian Sierra culture, Spanish traditions, influences from other countries around the world, and vibrant and sophisticated modern culture as showcased in the local culinary, arts and theater scenes. Its ‘Old Town,’ a Unesco World Heritage Site, is packed with colonial monuments and architectural treasures. The city has a mix of economic conditions, as well as a mix of architectural styles. With small-town neighborhoods and big-city attractions, Quito has a refreshing blend of historical and modern culture.

  • Quito is located 9,000 feet above sea level. At the base of Mount Pichincha, it’s nestled in a high valley.
  • Quito is known to have a climate that resembles “eternal spring.”
  • Quito is surrounded by mountains and three volcanoes.
  • The city has dozens of modern shopping centers, restaurants, parks, movie centers, theaters and museums.