bird-on-shoulderWithout a doubt Quito is one of the most amazing cities in the world, and a vibrant setting for BCA students. A long, sprawling city between mountains, Quito is not only the political capital of Ecuador, but it is one of the most cultural cities in Latin America.  Whether you want to visit one of the over 30 colonial churches, take in a play, modern dance performance, or musical performance, or go to the movies, the mall, a dance club, zoo or traditional markets there is never a loss of things to do and see.  Quito has so much going on.

Housing & Meals

On the third day of your stay in Quito, you will move into the home of your host family. Host families range from middle to upper-middle class, with different resources available. While all families provide breakfast and dinner, a private room and laundry services, some also have Internet in the house or even a maid who does the cooking and cleaning. You will be responsible for lunch and other meals you eat outside of your host family’s home. Some students perfer to make their own box lunch or purchase food at the many eateries in or near the university.

Computer Access

Although Internet access is not guaranteed in host families’ homes, many of the families do have personal computers. BCA students have access to all of the university’s computer labs. There are also many inexpensive cyber cafes located throughout the city.

Local Transportation

In Quito, public transportation is inexpensive and reliable. Passes are not available, so you’ll pay the fare with coins each time you ride the bus. At night, students are advised to take taxis and travel in groups whenever possible. A taxi allowance is provided to each student.