Immersion opportunities in Quito include getting involved in extracurricular activities on campus, spending time doing memorable activities with host family, and/or getting involved with a group in the local community that shares your interests or helps you develop new interests.

In Quito, BCA students have access to the numerous sports activities at the university, including soccer, fencing, mountain climbing, hiking, aerobics, yoga, tae kwon do, basketball, volleyball, track, and tai chi. You may also take advantage of the public parks that are open for jogging and playing basketball, soccer and ultimate frisbee.  There are many gyms throughout the city and students can easily become members.   Students also have the opportunity to attend one of dozens of nearby faith communities (from Catholic to Evangelical to Islam to Buddhist), join youth groups at local community centers or churches, and/or participate in USFQ’s Ecua-buddies program in which you are matched with a USFQ student and encouraged to engage in activities together.

Why immersion?