When are the deadlines to apply for this program?

The fall semester deadline is April 15. The spring semester deadline is October 15.

About the School

Where do BCA Quito students study?

Students will study at one of Ecuador’s top-rated universities, Universidad San Francisco de Quito. The city of Quito is located in the Andes and hosts almost 2 million people—meaning you’ll have quite a few opportunities to practice your Spanish skills while enjoying stunning mountain scenery, spending time in the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon, and volunteering or interning. There are also plenty of museums, architectural treasures, theaters, shopping centers, cafes, and parks—offering the perfect blend of historical and modern Ecuadorian culture for students to uncover.

How many native and international students attend this school?

There are approximately 6,000 students at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, and 1,000 of them are international students.

What are the class sizes?

Many classes have about 15-30 students, but it varies.

What is the teaching and assessment style abroad?

The teaching and assessment style at USFQ is like what you would find in the United States. Information is presented through lectures and discussions, and you’ll be graded on projects, presentations, essays, and tests.

What are some student life activities available on campus?

Universidad San Francisco de Quito offers plenty of clubs and activities for students. Check it out!

Living Situations

What are the accommodations like? Who will I be living with?

You’ll be living with a host family, where you’ll have constant opportunities to practice your Spanish and immerse yourself in Ecuadorian culture! Your host family will provide you with your own private bedroom, but you’ll most likely share a bathroom. You’ll have a food stipend for lunch and eat the rest of your meals with your host family. See more details about accommodations here.

Do host families speak English?

Host families are not expected to speak English, although you may find that one or two members do know a bit of the language.

Further Information

Are internships available?

Yes! We offer the opportunity to earn 1-6 credits by interning in education, social sciences, health professions, and many other disciplines. We’ll try to find the best fit for you! In the past, students have worked in classrooms, foundations fighting against abuse, and equine therapy centers.

Do I need a visa to study in Ecuador?

Yes, BCA will contact you after your acceptance into the program with information about how to obtain a student visa for Ecuador. While on a student visa, you are not allowed to work. There is a separate visa for people interested in working in Ecuador and if you work while on a student visa, you may be in violation of government regulations.

Do I need to know Spanish to participate in the program?

Yes, BCA requires students have at least two semesters of college-level Spanish to study at BCA Quito. While in Quito, students can choose classes that adequately meet their individual level of Spanish language proficiency.


Is Internet/Wi-Fi available?

Wi-Fi is not guaranteed for every host family, but it is available at the university and in many cyber cafés around Quito.