Quick Facts

 Language of Instruction


Language Pre-Requisite

  • Fall Semester: Completion of three semesters of college-level Spanish (or equivalent) is required for students studying abroad in the fall semester.
  • Spring Semester: Completion of four semesters of college-level Spanish (or equivalent) is required for students studying abroad in the spring semester.
  • The language requirement is lower for the fall semester, because students are required to participate in BCA’s pre-semester intensive, 4-credit language course prior to starting classes.

Host University:

Universidad de San Francisco de Quito

GPA Requirement


Required Courses

Ecuador, Language and Culture (fall semester) (4 credits)
Ecuador: Culture and Justice (spring semester) (1 credit)

Good for Majors

  • Arts & Humanities: Communication, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Film & Video, Dance, Theatre, History, Literature, Music, Translation
  • Business & Communications: Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Marketing
  • Spanish
  • Pre-Professional Studies: Education, Hospitality Business Management, Tourism,
  • Sciences: Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Ecology, Environmental Management, Math, Physics
  • Engineering: Mechanical, Industrial, Environmental, Civic, Chemical, Electrical
  • Social Sciences: Anthropology, Archaeology, Psychology, Sociology, International Relations, Political Science

Housing and Meals

Students live with host families, who provide them with breakfast and dinner.

Resident Director

Daniel Bryan

BCA Orientation

Learn about Ecuador’s history, culture and current issues, and receive intensive language training with BCA’s four-credit, four-week pre-semester course “Ecuador: Language and Culture.” (Fall and year-long students only.) Spring term students take the one-credit, 12-contact hour pre-semester course “Ecuador: Culture and Justice.”


BCA students are required to obtain a visa for the stay in Ecuador. BCA provides guidance on this process and students should reference this information on their BCA online account as soon as they are accepted.