Welcome to BCA Study Abroad! We understand that choosing a study abroad program is a big decision that demands your time and attention. Our central office staff is here to answer your questions, alleviate any concerns, as well as share our passion for studying abroad. You can reach us under the ‘Contact’ tab. We look forward to hearing from you!

What does BCA Offer?

BCA has resident directors at each program location, many of which have served for ten years or longer. The director is there to greet your student upon arrival, assist with course registration, lead a BCA culture class and excursions, and much more. Whether your child is feeling homesick or needs medical attention, the resident director is there to help.

Focus on Health and Safety
BCA carefully considers the safety of the locations where we send students.  We take precautions to ensure the security and well-being of students while studying abroad and keep informed about events in each of the countries where we have study centers. BCA draws from extensive experience to continually improve its programs to meet the latest health and safety standards. The following are some of the ways that BCA works to maximize the safety of all study abroad program participants.

On-Site Orientation
Upon arrival students have an on-site orientation during which they are provided with an introduction to daily life at their specific site, which includes information on dining, public transportation, academic expectations, independent traveling and surrounding attractions. The orientation sessions also emphasize what precautions to take on site and the importance of good decision-making when it comes to personal safety.

 Travel and Medical Assistance

BCA provides international health insurance and emergency evacuation services for all summer, semester and year students through CISI. CISI has chosen top-notch assistance providers who can offer unmatched global expertise and highly skilled multilingual staff to ensure our students have access to immediate high quality support in the event of a medical or security emergency. CISI has doctors and translators on staff, providing toll-free, 24/7 worldwide access to benefits, providers, and emergency assistance for everything from a lost passport to an emergency evacuation.

For details regarding the coverage provided to BCA students, please review the BCA policy brochure.

Additionally, once enrolled, students can log in to CISI’s online participant portal to gain access to helpful links and resources tailored to their program:

  • Links to U.S. Embassies
  • Consular information sheets
  • Country profiles
  • CDC health and vaccination information
  • English-speaking doctors by country
  • U.S. State Department travel warnings
  • Safety and travel tips

BCA offers comprehensive programs for students. The program fees cover the major aspects of study abroad experience – from tuition, housing, on-site assistance, educational excursions, international health insurance and more. As a small non-profit, we are very concerned with keeping our costs low while striving to offer as many services and benefits as possible. We offer a need-based scholarship for those who do not receive financial aid to study abroad from their college or university. Although study abroad can cost more than what you are paying at home, the benefits that your child receives through the experience are worth every penny!

Global Education with a Social Purpose
BCA is dedicated to the core values of peace and social justice. As educators, we are convinced that no genuine understanding of global issues can be gained without a strong intellectual grounding in the histories, societies and cultures of the region in which our students pursue their studies. Furthermore, we believe that student learning in all of our programs depends heavily on meaningful direct contact with local people whose lives are entwined with and affected by the issues we aim to understand. We partner with community-based agencies, ngo’s and non-profits around the world to support the health and well being of people in need. BCA students often work with these valued partners and extend their skills and talents through internships, service and field placements.

Academic Quality
Many of BCA’s programs have been in place for decades. Through the years, our overseas educational partners have come to know us as treasured members of their own campuses. Each program site is affiliated with a university or language center of comparable quality and rigor to many American universities and colleges. We also believe in learning beyond the classroom and offer opportunities for field placements, internships and service placements for interested students.

55+Plus Years
BCA sent its first group of students to Marburg, Germany, in 1962, the same year that the Peace Corps was founded.  In those early days of study abroad, students focused on learning a language and lived on site for a full academic year. Today’s study abroad offerings are much more varied – by location, by length of time abroad and by academic study. BCA’s extensive history in the field of international education carries with it a strong commitment to program quality and customer service no matter the duration or location of the program.