Vienna, Austria

As a BCA Marburg student, you will spend the first eight weeks of the program in Vienna, Austria, focusing on German language and culture at the prestigious Internationales Kulturinstitut Wienlanguage school. There, you will study alongside students from around the world who are also learning German. During your time in Vienna, you will have ample opportunities to explore your host city and improve your language proficiency through daily practice.

Required Courses in Vienna

While in Vienna, all students take:

Language Proficiency in Vienna

You must have at least 2-semesters of German language in order to participate in the standard BCA Marbrug program that includes the 8-week Vienna portion.

If you have no previous German language study can still participate in the BCA Marburg program, but must spend 4 additional weeks in Vienna at the beginning of the program for an additional fee. You will spend a total of 12-weeks in Vienna before moving to Marburg.

You will take a placement exam prior to the start of the program to determine the course level you will take while in Vienna.

Marburg, Germany

In Marburg, BCA students with proficient German study alongside German students at one of Germany’s oldest and most distinguished universities, Philipps-Universität. For those students who are not able to enroll in Philipps directly, BCA offers a number of BCA course options taught in German by local instructors hired by BCA (some require a minimum enrollment).

Required Courses in Marburg

There are no required courses while in Marburg. The required course for the program is during the Vienna portion.

Course Listing

Depending on your language level, semester and interests you may take courses from one or more of the following categories:

Popular Departments

  • Arts & Humanities: Art History, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Theology
  • Business & Communications: Business Administration, Economics
  • German
  • Pre-Professional Studies: Education
  • Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics
  • Social Sciences: Archaeology, Psychology

This may not be a comprehensive list. Please view the course listing links above.

Language Proficiency in Marburg

Once in Marburg, you will choose semester courses based your language proficiency. The more progress you make during the pre-semester course in Vienna, the more options will be available to you. The resident director will advise you on course choices based on your language skills.