The Centre for Conflict Studies, an institution integrated within the Philipps-Universität in Marburg, offers interdisciplinary collaboration and the study of peace and conflict. It was founded in February, 2001, and combines various teaching and research activities that concentrate on central areas of societal and international conflict.

All courses are taught in German unless noted otherwise.  Please feel free to contact the resident director or BCA Central Office if you need additional information on the following courses or the Centre for Conflict Studies:

  • Introduction to Arabic Cultural History
  • Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Liberal Peace (taught in German and English)
  • Conflicts in the Present and Future
  • Genocide in Global Society
  • Politics of Remembering and Processing the Past after Genocides: Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Germany
  • Transitional Justice after Mass Violence (offered in English)
  • The Middle East and North Africa Region in the Global Economy: Trade and Foreign Direct Investment
  • The Internationalization and Privatisation of War and Peace
  • Cultures at War: Ethnological Aspects of Terrorism, Guerilla Warfare, Military and Genocide Criminals
  • Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew (for theology students)
  • The “Revolution of Dignity” in the Arab World
  • Intensive Arabic (6 U.S. semester credits, taught in German, from beginner through upper intermediate level)
  • Dynamics and Stability in the Middle Eastern Conflict: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Light of the Developments in the Arab World since Early 2011
  • Literature and Society in Syria – On the Role of Intellectuals in an Autocratic System