About Philipps-Universität

hsg1Founded in 1527, Philipps-Universität is the world’s first Protestant university still in existence. The oldest portion of the campus, the Alte Universität, is built on the site of a 13th century Dominican cloister.

During its nearly 500-year history, the university has educated and employed a large number of distinguished scholars and thinkers, including nine Nobel prize winners.

Today, nearly 20,000 students study in the university’s modern facilities. Philipps is a large university with a wide range of academic disciplines, including business, law, psychology, media, mathematics, chemistry, biology, geology, geography, education, medicine, pharmacology, and physical education. Philipps-Universität has hosted BCA participants since 1962, when 25 American students boarded a ship bound for Germany.

Libraries and Computer Labs

During orientation you will take a tour of the university library – the UB – which has a variety of books and other reading material in addition to computers for student use. In addition to the UB, the academic departments have mini-libraries and study rooms.