studenten vor schoenbrunn newThe BCA Marburg program offers two amazing locations in one program.

Students start their program in the heart of Vienna while attending IKI Wien for the intensive language training program. Located in the first district in Vienna, which is the historical center of Vienna, IKI Wien is at the doorstep of all the cultural wonders of the city including museums, opera houses, art galleries, restaurants and government offices.

After their time in Vienna students move to the classic university town of Marburg where students make up nearly one-third of the population. Set in a river valley in central Germany, Marburg offers some of the best-preserved medieval architecture in the country. Marburg is full of cafés, restaurants and entertainment. BCA students have many opportunities to socialize with German students and to get involved in the community. Philipps also has a relatively small number of American students–usually less than 70 in a given semester– making it much easier for students to immerse themselves in the c1000599_10152091204899115_1875791957_nulture.


BCA Marburg students live and study side-by-side with local students, both in Vienna and in Marburg. Housing options include university and privately operated student dormitories— for the regular semester you can even apply to live in Marburg’s castle (Schloss). The Schloss is located at the very center of Marburg, and gives students the opportunity to live side by side with a nearly all-German group of fellow students!

Accommodation in Vienna

During your time in Vienna you will live in a student dormitory. The dorms include all bedding, a shared kitchen and laundry facilities. Students typically cook for themselves in their dorm.

Accommodation in Marburg

BCA arranges housing in various student residence halls in the Oberstadt (the historical old student-housing-landgraves-castletown of Marburg) that are run by the university. The Schloss housing is also located in the Oberstadt, and is a great opportunity for students seeking more immersive housing opportunities. These residence halls are located near the castle and overlook the Lahn River Valley. The central location makes this a popular spot. Most BCA students live in the Oberstadt, but the housing options not in the Oberstadt also have their benefits. All accommodations include a private room with communal lounge, kitchen and bathroom.

All housing options except the Schloss have single rooms only. All student residence halls in Marburg are co-ed.

Students typically prepare their own meals, especially in the evening. You can purchase a healthy, inexpensive lunch at the Mensa and other locations throughout the town of Marburg.

Computer Access

In Vienna, students live in student dorms that provide Internet access to their residents, usually for an additional fee to be paid by the student on-site.  Inexpensive Internet cafés are also easy to find in Vienna. In Marburg, BCA students have full access to computer labs at Philipps University during the regular semester. There are also several Internet cafés in town. Rooms in student housing do not come with Internet access, though you can usually make arrangements for such services on your own accord and at an additional expense.

Local Transportation

During the language training in Vienna, students can purchase a transportation pass valid for all buses, subways and trams in the city for approximately 50 EUR a monthly public. Vienna has one of the world’s best public transportation systems.

Most BCA students in Marburg live within easy walking distance of shops, businesses, restaurants and entertainment venues. Plus, you will access to free rail travel within the state of Hesse via your Philipps University student ID, with easy connections to trains throughout the country.

Both Vienna and Marburg are excellent jumping-off places for exploring the rest of Europe. Vienna’s international airport and train stations make it easy to get both near and far, and Marburg is only 90 minutes from the Frankfurt International Airport, which is Europe’s third largest airport. Marburg lies on the main train line between Frankfurt and Kassel.