Immersion opportunities in Marburg include getting involved in extracurricular activities on campus, spending time doing memorable activities with your flat mates, and/or getting involved with a group in the local community that shares your interests or helps you develop new interests.

While in Vienna students can take advantage of the almost daily activities offered through IKI.  The activities vary greatly from museums to bowling to boat tours.

When in Marburg, you can apply for a Tandem Partner – a language partner service provided by the Sprachenzentrum. Try joining clubs and participating in other extracurricular activities. The University of Marburg offers a wide variety of sports each semester, from yoga to skiing and everything in between! Get to know your favorite sport auf deutsch! If you’re not into sports, you can join the uniCHOR choir or participate in the student symphony orchestra (SSO). Students can also enjoy the active film and television scene in Marburg, a springboard to the arts in Cologne and Berlin, or make the free one hour trip to Frankfurt, which also has a lively arts scene including theater, classical music, opera and some of Germany’s best art museums.  You can also bike or hike the region’s nearly infinite trail systems, both in the forest and throughout the river valley. Most students are amazed at just how much nature is at their fingertips.

Here are other specific opportunities:

Basketball Treffpunkt : If you like basketball and want to meet locals who share your love for the game, this is a great starting point.

Ecumenical Discussion Group:  For members of the Cappel Protestant Church and the St. Francis congregation, to talk about faith, religion, church, ethics, church history, art, literature, and music.  Often in the form of presentation followed by discussion.   (1x per month, usually 3rd Thursday evening of the month)

Slow Food Group: Students have  the chance  to meet up with locals to cook organic food together in a slow manner while socializing.  It is a great way to practice German and form relationships!

Theater, Film and Photography Opportunities: Marburg is an important location for theater, photography and film, with its own theater scene serving as a springboard for German television, its own film festival and a renowned camera prize for cinema and television.  The University has an image archive Foto Marburg, student film club, and Marburg’s privately owned Camera Museum, which is owned and operated by a retired Germanistics professor who has some amazing insight into cinematography and film. Plus, if you like theater consider joining Dramarasmus in Marburg! This organization offers excellent acting, theater, technician and dramaturgy opportunities.

Why immersion?