When are the deadlines to apply for this program?

The fall semester deadline is April 15. The spring semester deadline is November 1.

About the School

Where do BCA Marburg students study?

BCA Marburg takes place in two cities: Marburg and Vienna. While in Marburg, students will study at Philipps-Universität, one of Germany’s most distinguished universities. You can choose from a wide variety of courses based on your language level—a fantastic way to fine-tune your German skills while exploring the quaint, medieval city of Marburg. Located in the wooded Lahn River Valley in the state of Hesse, Marburg is full of history, architecture, and charm. It hosts a population of 80,000—quite a difference from Vienna, which clocks in at almost 2 million people! Situated north of the Balkan Peninsula, students will spend 8-12 weeks experiencing the opera, theater, museums, cafes, and castles that make up Vienna’s artsy coffeehouse culture. They will study at a small language institute in Vienna’s first district, Internationales Kultureinstitut Wien.

How many native and international students attend this school?

Internationales Kulturinstitut Wien teaches approximately 450-550 students from all over the world. Meanwhile, there are about 25,700 students at Philips-Universität, with around 12% coming from outside Germany.

What are the class sizes?

Most classes at Internationales Kulturinstitut Wien consist of 8-15 students and there are anywhere from 20 to 80 students per class at Philips-Universiät. For the most part, students will be learning alongside other BCA students in Vienna whereas many Marburg classes include students from Germany.

What is the teaching and assessment style abroad?

Being a smaller school, students will find more one-on-one attention in their classes at Internationales Kulturinstitut Wien. It is a more intensive learning environment focused on culture and language acquisition.

Our school in Marburg has a similar teaching style to the United States, with either PowerPoint presentations or group discussions. Students will likely be assessed based on participation and one final exam at the end of the semester.

What are some student life activities available on campus?

IKI Vienna organizes some activities for students around campus, and Philips-Universität offers plenty of opportunities to get involved. Check out other immersion possibilities here!

Living Situations

What are accommodations like? Who will I be living with?

In Vienna, you will be placed in a single room in a co-ed dormitory with other students from IKI Vienna. In Marburg, students will live with international and German students. Single rooms in co-ed dormitories are available, or there is an option to apply for housing in Schloss, Marburg’s castle. There are double rooms in the castle, so you’ll have a roommate. Students prepare their meals using a food stipend throughout this program. Learn more here!

Further Information

Are internships available?

Yes! In Marburg, students can apply for an education internship with a local secondary school.