Marburg, Germany

Congratulations on considering the best study abroad German language program!

krisriggs november 2007Featuring two countries within one program, BCA Marburg offers the best of both worlds: pre-semester intensive language training in the Austrian capital city of Vienna, and the regular semester in the heart of Germany, in a progressive and charming university town called Marburg.

Vienna is home to organizations such as the United Nations, Amnesty International, World Vision, Doctors without Borders, Greenpeace and the World Peace Council.  Your time in Vienna will fly by, as there is always something to do in Vienna. Whether you prefer strolling and taking in the magnificent architecture along the Wienzeile or the First District, visiting some of the world’s best art museums and opera houses, or exploring life as a contemporary student, your options are virtually endless.

Once you complete your language training, we’ll proceed together to Marburg, the ideal place for you be immersed in the language and culture of central Germany. With a student population of 23,000 and only about 100 U.S. students, Philipps University will help you get acclimated to German student life quickly.

So pack those bags and get ready for the biggest journey of your life, a journey not only to German speaking Europe, but to who you are in the process of becoming.

Nutze den Tag! (That’s “carpe diem” in German.)

Kristopher Riggs
BCA Director – Marburg

Marburg-From-RitterstrasseAbout Marburg

Marburg is located in the state of Hesse, specifically the wooded, earthy Lahn River Valley. As a well-preserved historic medieval city in Germany, the city is full of architecture, history and charm. One of the city’s noteworthy projects involves restoring half-timbered houses to give them modern touches while keeping their historic roots. With 80,000 residents, Marburg has something for everyone. With college students bustling about the university and families enjoying the city’s outdoor activities, Marburg is a quaint, friendly place to live and visit.

  • Elizabeth, the patron saint of Marburg, settled in Marburg after her husband died in 1227. Her life’s purpose revolved around caring for others in need.
  • Marburg includes the oldest Gothic church in Germany called Elisabethkirche. It’s a monumental piece of architecture.
  • Paul von Hindenburg, World War 1 German field marshal and second President of Germany (1925–34), is buried in Elisabethkirche.
  • Philipps University is located in Marburg, and it’s the oldest Protestant university in Europe.
  • The Grimm brothers attendended Philipps University and the hills that surround Marburg offered up inspiration for their fairy tales.
  • The Landgrafenschloss, a stone castle dating back to the 13th century, is one of the major presences in Marburg. It used to house some of Hesse’s rulers, but it now serves as both a museum and student housing.
  • Marburg’s theatre company is one of the top-rated theaters in Germany.