Resident Director

Ian SuttonThank you very much for taking the time to consider BCA London as your study abroad program. When you think of London, what comes to mind? Big red buses, historical buildings, home to one of the world’s oldest Parliaments or the focal point for global business? The list is truly endless. Through choosing BCA London as your life changing study abroad option, you will get to experience all that London has to offer and more. From taking part in volunteering opportunities that will allow you to leave a mark and truly make a difference at your chosen program area to watching the historic, “Changing of the Guards”, you will leave BCA London with a whole new set of skills and the confidence and knowledge to not only do well, but excel in any social or cultural environment or career in the future.

University of Roehampton – a Village within a City

During your study abroad you will live and study at the beautiful University of Roehampton. This converted estate offers a wonderful blend of high quality teaching and study space, modern and comfortable student accommodation, and a sustainable approach to its campus projects, placed within the idyllic green and peaceful manor grounds. At any moment you could go from modern and busy sustainably run student cafes, to walking through the vibrant and calming perfume of the famous “wisteria archway”. Set 20 minutes from the heart of London by train, Roehampton offers a safe, peaceful and communal lifestyle, with the bright lights of London right on your doorstep. Ride the tube for a day and visit those free museums you’ve read about such as the British Museum, the National Art Gallery or the Tate Modern, take a stroll through the many vast parkland areas or join your fellow students on one of the many excursions as part of the University of Roehampton’s social program, there is always the possibility of the next adventure just around the corner. There are always opportunities to involve yourself in community life, such as volunteering to help look after the campus rabbits or chickens; I couldn’t think of a better way to relax in between your busy and exciting schedule!

Rich & Diverse Culture

In London, everyone is welcome. It is a city where diversity is welcomed with open arms and through your study abroad you will be able to study and learn alongside students from all different backgrounds, cultures and mostly probably many with different beliefs to you. However, every individual’s beliefs are welcomed, respected and seen as an opportunity to share and learn. London itself can change from one tube stop to the next. You could be having afternoon tea in the luxurious Harrods Store one moment and then the next you could be walking around the radical and diverse Camden Town Markets to the theme tunes of Reggae, Punk Rock and the British amalgamation of both called “Two-Tone”.

It is not just the experiences that London has to offer, but with its amazing links to the rest of the UK and Europe, choosing BCA London is opening a gateway to unlimited exploration and cultural awakening. Through the University of Roehampton’s comprehensive Social Program, as well as the BCA excursions, you will have the opportunity to visit historical sites such as Windsor Castle, Tower Bridge – which still holds the Crown Jewels – and the mysterious stone formations of Stonehenge. You can do all of this safe in the knowledge that a BCA or University of Roehampton member of staff will be there to guide and support you along the way.

Endless Opportunity through Comprehensive Support

Whether this is your first time abroad or you are already a seasoned traveler, as your BCA London Resident Director, you will have my full support before, during and after your study abroad program. Working closely with the fabulous University of Roehampton Study Abroad Team, together, we will ensure that if it’s a summer program, one semester or for an entire academic year you are with us, your study abroad experience will positively shape the rest of your life, whilst making life-long friends and unforgettable memories along the way. Did you know that if the flag is flying at full mast above Buckingham Palace, it means that Queen Elizabeth is in residence at that specific time? I hope that soon your flag will be flying high at the University of Roehampton and I can help you begin your incredible journey on the BCA London Study Abroad Program.

Best Wishes,

Ian Sutton – BCA London Resident Director