As a BCA London student, you will study alongside English students at the University of Roehampton, which offers a wide variety of courses in a large number of disciplines. This page will help you understand course offerings, requirements, academic system, and the course registration process in London.

Course Listing

The link below will take you to the course listings for the University of Roehampton. Please keep in mind that these courses may not be offered when you are planning to study as course offerings frequently change. As you prepare for your semester abroad, your resident director will help you to understand the courses that will be available and the course registration process.

Note – Module Annotations:
¬ – module not available in 2017-2018 academic year

Popular Departments

  • Arts & Humanities: Art History, Creative Writing, Dance, English, History, Literature, Linguistics, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Photography, Religious Studies, Theater
  • Business & Communications: Business, Communications, Economics, Management, Marketing Management, Media Studies, Film Studies
  • Languages: Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish
  • Pre-Professional Studies: Education, Early Childhood Education
  • Sciences: Biology, Food Science/Nutrition, Sports & Exercise Science/Kinesiology
  • Science Social Sciences: Anthropology, Criminology, Human Ecology, Psychology, Sociology

This may not be a comprehensive list. Please view the course listing link above.


At the University of Roehampton, a discipline or major is called a “course.” The courses are made up of individual study units called modules. Additionally, the UK education system normally has 3-year university programs, unlike the United State’s standard 4-year bachelor’s degree. On the course listing above, the first year of university undergraduate programs is known as Level 1, and the final year, the third, is Level 3.


Some courses do require pre-requisites but these tend to be noted as specific modules within the university. BCA can work with you and with the University of Roehampton to identify if the pre-requisites might be fulfilled by US courses already taken and thus waived.  Certain dance courses will require you to audition. If interested, BCA can work with you to arrange this audition.

Teaching Style

Most courses meet once a week for two or three-hour sessions; sometimes lectures and seminars are divided, in which case you may have a lecture on one day, and the relevant seminar on another.


Your work is assessed through essays, examinations, project work, group presentations, as well as field and laboratory reports, depending upon your area of study.

 Credits/Number of Courses

You will take up to 60 UK credits worth of modules during your semester. At Roehampton, courses are generally worth 20 UK credits which are equivalent to 5 US credit hours so you can expect to take a maximum of 3 Roehampton courses for 15 US credits.

The University of Roehampton offers special London Studies modules which are specifically designed for study abroad students. Most are offered at Level 1. All London Studies courses require an additional fee to cover field trips and excursions and this fee is not included in the BCA London program fee. Currently the extra fee for these courses ranges between about $120 and $270 per course, but this is subject to change. Students will be required to pay this fee.

BCA students can take no more than one of the London Studies modules.  If you are an upperclassman, BCA requires you to enroll in at least two level 2 classes, since you are above beginner level .

Course Registration

When you apply to the program, you will be asked to list courses (from the course link above), which you are hoping to take while in London. The courses you list in your application will be used when BCA’s Program Advisor registers you with the University, so you should be thoughtful in your selections. You will also be asked to choose alternate courses so that you have options in case of any clashes or problems concerning your class schedule, semester offerings and prerequisites.

You will be informed of your class schedule 2-4 weeks before your arrival. If you’d like to change your selected classes after that, you’ll have the opportunity to review your choices once you’re on campus and receive face-to-face advice from someone at the University during orientation. Before going abroad, you will want to have contact information for your study abroad advisor, academic advisor, registrar or any other person who can approve courses at your home school. That way, you will be prepared in case you want or need to take a course that had not already been approved.