As a BCA London summer student, you will study at the University of Roehampton, which offers a wide variety of summer courses. This page will help you understand course offerings, requirements, academic system, and the course registration process in London.

Course Listing

There are a range of courses available during the summer at the University of Roehampton.  Students enrolled in the June or July session will choose one course from the appropriate list below. Students enrolled in the Intensive session (six-week session) will choose one course from each session listed below. Please note that classes will run subject to minimum numbers of enrollments. Students will be asked to list their top three course choices and we will do our best to honor those requests.

Summer 2018 Course Options:

June Academic Session:

July Academic Session:


At the University of Roehampton, a discipline or major is called a “course.” The courses are made up of individual study units called modules.


Some courses do require pre-requisites but these tend to be noted as specific modules within the university. BCA can work with you and with the University of Roehampton to identify if the pre-requisites might be fulfilled by US courses already taken and thus waived.

Teaching Style

Summer courses typically meet in the morning, finishing at approximately 2 PM., four days per week.


Your work is assessed through essays, examinations, project work, group presentations, as well as field and laboratory reports, depending upon your area of study.

 Credits/Number of Courses

Each course is worth 20 UK credits which is equivalent to 5 US credit hours. Students enrolled in a three-week program take one course and students enrolled in the six-week program take two courses.

Course Registration

When you apply to the program, you will be asked to list courses, which you are hoping to take while in London. This list is for advising purposes only as it helps BCA understand your course needs and make sure that our program is a good fit for you.