Trentino Italy


Courses - INSERT#2This summer spend five weeks studying in the beautiful, culturally rich and off-the-beaten track region of Trentino, Italy. The course options are highly interactive and include outdoor educational activities, cultural visits and meetings with local leaders.

Required Courses

On this program you can enroll in one or both of the following courses:

  • Heritage, Memory and Identities in a European Borderland (3 credits)

    This is an experience-based course in public history, here defined as the application of historical knowledge and methods to the promotion of public engagement with the past. Through the course you will explore key concepts such as interpretation, representation, memory, heritage, commemoration and preservation. Alpine Italy, thanks to its thousands of years of history as a frontier area in the very heart of Europe, exemplifies the implications of transforming history as an academic discipline into a cultural, political and economic practice. Download the syllabus.
  • Sustainability, Food and Landscapes in the Italian Alps (3 credits)
    A journey across time and space, from the traces of prehistoric peoples to the challenges of our globalized world. Food is the key to explore the complex interaction between humans and their environments, and its impact on culture, economy, identity, and landscapes. Issues of global concern such as sustainable practices, climate change and resource management are tackled from the unique perspective of the Italian Alps, a place renowned for its distinctive environment, rich agriculture and traditional food productions. Download the syllabus..

Popular Departments

  • Business: Economics
  • Humanities: History, European Studies, Italian Studies
  • Pre-professional studies: Food Studies, Environmental Studies
  • Social Sciences: Anthropology, Geography, Sociology, Sustainability
  • All majors welcome

Language Proficiency

You do not need any prior Italian study to participate on this program.

Teaching Style

You should expect a highly intensive course and cultural immersion program. Each course is organized into twelve class sessions, five guided visits, and a multi-day residential lab.


In courses, you will be assessed through participation, midterm exams, residential lab activities, presentations, and final papers.

Credits/Number of Courses

Students can enroll in one course (3-credits) or both courses (6-credits). Different program fees apply based on the number of credits taken.