Trentino Italy

About Trentino

Student Life - INSERT#1Trentino, a province of Northeast Italy, stands out for its unique natural and cultural features. Its entirely mountainous terrain in the heart of the Alps contains an unexpected variety of environments, ranging from 10,000-feet-high rocky Dolomite peaks to gentle valleys and mild lake shores. A bridge between the Latin and the Germanic world for centuries, its complex modern history led to its current special status within the Italian Republic. Exceptional natural resources and a tradition of responsible self-government made Trentino one of the most livable regions of Italy and Europe, with a diversified economy and a solid social fabric.

The BCA Study Abroad program is based in the lakeside municipality of Nago-Torbole, in the vibrant Lake Garda district: a Mediterranean pocket surrounded by imposing mountains, internationally renowned for its natural beauties, cultural attractions, and sport scene. Single- and multiple-day visits and labs allow students to explore a plurality of locations in the region, ranging from historic urban centers to mountain nature reserves.

  • Trentino excels in education: international assessments of schoolchildren performances produce the best results in Italy, and the University of Trento is ranked number one in the country among public institutions.
  • Trentino is one of the birthplaces of modern cooperativism, and more than 5,000 voluntary associations are currently active in the region.
  • More than half of Trentino’s residents regularly play one or more sports.
  • A third of Trentino’s total area enjoys one or more forms of environmental protection.
  • There are about 300 lakes in Trentino, ranging from a portion of Italy’s largest body of fresh water (Lake Garda) to small high-altitude sheets of water.
  • Trentino is a major European tourist destination for both winter and summer holidays, with about 3,500,000 visitors per year.