Trentino Italy

Trentino, Italy (Summer)

Why BCA Trentino?

  • Trentino and its capital city, Trento, have been topping Italian quality of life indexes for years.
  • Live and study in an off-the-beaten-track location and immerse yourself in Italian culture.
  • Choose one of two exciting courses, Sustainability, Food and Landscapes in the Italian Alps or Heritage, Memory and Identities in a European Borderland.  Each combines interactive classwork and outdoor educational activities in a cohesive program that makes the most of its location in the Italian Alps. You can also challenge yourself to get the most of your time in Italy by taking both courses!
  • Trentino is rich in internationally acclaimed food specialties, such as one of the only three official varieties of Parmesan cheese, the northernmost production of olive oil in the world, award-winning wines, and protected brands of apples.
  • Until 1918, Trentino was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; since 1948, Trentino and the neighboring Alto Adige / Südtirol province have been enjoying a semi-independent administration, in recognition of their unique past and heritage.
  • Trentino hosts four prestigious UNESCO recognitions: sections of two World Heritage Sites (the Dolomites and the Alpine Prehistoric Pile Dwellings), one Man and the Biosphere Reserve (the Ledro Alps and Judicaria), as well as one Global Geopark (the Adamello Brenta Nature Park).
  • Trentino is strategically situated on one of the major corridors that connect Italy with Northern Europe; thanks to efficient high-speed trains, major Italian cities (Verona, Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome), Austria and Germany are just a few hours away

Why Attend an Italy Summer Program?

  • Attending a summer program enables you to earn academic credits and develop your language skills outside the school year.
  • A BCA summer program gives you the opportunity to study abroad, even if it does not fit into your busy academic calendar.
  • Studying abroad over the summer allows you to travel and explore other cultures, while not missing sports, clubs, performances, social events and more on your home campus.
  • If you’re an athlete, a summer program may enable you to study abroad during off-season and not miss any pre-season training.
  • A summer program may be a more affordable option for you than a full semester!
  • The shorter time frame may be a better fit for non-traditional students, who cannot leave a job, their family or other obligations for an extended period of time.
  • Or you can use our summer program, as a launching point for another study abroad experience in a future term!

Italy Summer Program