The BCA program in New Zealand provides you with many opportunities to become immersed in the local culture. Our BCA Resident Director is there to help you find ways to engage with the local community, and you will find many opportunities on your own through the friends you make at school.  You also have the chance to explore the local cultures of Dunedin and Wellington through a variety of activities and visits that are offered through the University of Otago and through BCA. You will visit important historical and cultural centers such as the renowned Te Papa Museum, the New Zealand Parliament, and the National Archives.

The University of Otago probably has one of the world’s best student activities program. The Unipol Sports Centre (gym) caters to a variety of fitness needs with cardio and weight rooms, fitness classes and gym space for basketball, badminton, table tennis and more. You can also join a number of sports teams, such as rugby, soccer and basketball. The facilities are free for you to use during your time on campus in Dunedin.