DSCN0528Surrounded by white sand beaches, forest-clad hills, and volcanic formations, Dunedin has a distinctly Scottish flavor and is often referred to as the “Edinburgh of the South” because of it’s Scottish heritage. If you love nature, you’ll find seals, albatross, and penguins living in the nature reserves at the city’s edge.


As a BCA student at the University of Otago you will live in the university flats.  Usually three or four international students live with one or two New Zealanders.  The flats range from houses right next to campus to some new townhouses a bit farther away.  Each flat has individual bedrooms, shared bathroom(s) and a kitchen/common area.

Computer Access

Many students choose to take their laptop computers to Dunedin. The University Flats have Internet access and wireless Internet is available throughout the campus. There are also computers available for student use at the library and computer labs throughout the campus. Please note that the Internet in Dunedin is slower than the broadband connection in the U.S., regardless of where you connect.


Dunedin is an easy city to navigate and the compact nature of the campus means you can easily walk everywhere you need to go. You can also take a bus, mini-bus or taxi from the campus to all parts of the city when your feet feel weary for a fee.