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Maynooth campusIf you’re interested in pursuing a study abroad program in beautiful and historic Ireland, consider the wide range of intellectually stimulating and culturally relevant study abroad programs at Maynooth University. Located near Dublin, Maynooth University is internationally recognized for the quality and value of its research and scholarship and dedication to teaching.

Maynooth traces its origins to the foundation of the Royal College of St. Patrick in 1795, drawing inspiration from a heritage that includes over 200 years of education and scholarship. The University is a place of lively contrasts. It is a modern institution, dynamic, rapidly-growing, research-led and engaged, yet grounded in historic academic strengths and scholarly traditions.

Maynooth University Study Abroad Program Offerings

The humanities, social sciences and natural sciences form the academic and intellectual core of the University, complemented by strong departments and programs in teacher education, business and law, as well as computer science and electrical engineering.  Maynooth has an international reputation for research in humanities; social and spatial sciences; mathematics, communication and computation; and  human health. The University makes significant contributions to social, cultural and economic development at local, regional and national levels.

The campus community comprises more than 10,000 students and 800 staff from more than 20 countries.  The institution has grown rapidly in recent years, including local and international students, but retains a student-centered and deeply collegial ethos.

Located in the historic town of Maynooth, 25 km from Dublin, Maynooth University combines the peaceful and historic beauty of fine eighteenth-century buildings with the very best of modern research and teaching facilities.

Ranked #1 in Ireland

Out of seven participating Irish universities, Maynooth University ranked as #1 in Ireland in the 2016-17 International Student Barometer (ISB). Maynooth University ranked first in Ireland for the quality of support provided by the International Office & Student Union. The University’s Clubs and Societies, International Office, Medical Centre and Students’ Union all ranked within the top 20 globally. Maynooth also ranked first in Ireland for the quality of lectures, course content and organization, learning support and performance feedback, library facilities (physical and online), and virtual learning environment. Additionally, 87% of international students studying at MU would recommend the University to their peers.

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BCA Signature Course Cover the Irish Conflict

No study abroad program in Ireland would be complete without learning about the bloody Irish conflict known as “the Troubles.” Beginning in the 1960s, the Troubles pitted Protestants against Catholics in an ongoing civil war that lasted into the 1990s. Although Northern Ireland has experienced relative peace since the enactment of the “Good Friday Agreement” (also known as the Belfast agreement) in 1998, the impact of the Troubles can still be felt throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

As part of your studies at Maynooth University, you’ll be required to take BCA’s course, Understanding Conflict: The Irish Experience: An Interdisciplinary, Problem-Oriented Peace and Conflict Studies. This BCA Signature Course uses “the Troubles” as a model for demonstrating the issues involved with managing conflict, as well as for gaining a better understanding of the impact of conflict on human society. The course is taught by BCA resident director Dr. Kieran Doyle, who is also Project Manager at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute. As an on-site BCA staff member, the resident director supports the academic and cultural adaptation process.

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