student housingThe BCA Dublin program is based in Maynooth—a thriving market town located just outside the capital city of Dublin. Maynooth is full of shops and businesses, restaurants and bars, pubs and clubs. The town is always buzzing with people and as a university town, it is known for its warm and friendly nature. From Maynooth students can easily take a train or bus to the heart of Dublin to explore all of the culture and history the city has to offer.


Students live in modern, university-provided apartments. These apartments includes a mix of single and twin rooms, both with a private bathroom. BCA students live in single rooms. Each apartment also includes a shared kitchen/living area. Apartments may be co-ed. Single semester students are typically placed in an apartment together, therefore students may share housing with international or other American students. For meals there are cafes and restaurants on campus and in town, but most students purchase groceries and cook for themselves.

Computer Access

Many students choose to take their laptop computers to Ireland. WiFi is available throughout campus, including dorm rooms. You can also take your computers to the library for access. You’ll find computers available for student use throughout the campus.


Buses run between Maynooth and the Dublin City Center every day, every half hour until 11:00/11:30 at night. On Friday and Saturday nights a Nitelink bus runs until the early  morning hours. The trip lasts around 45 to 70 minutes.

The Maynooth train station is located off the main street and there are 2-3 trains to Dublin per hour. The trip lasts 25-35 minutes until late evening.