Immersion opportunities in Ireland include getting involved in extracurricular activities on campus, spending time doing memorable activities with those in your apartment/flat building, and/or getting involved with a group in the local community that shares your interests or helps you develop new interests.

Maynooth has a reputation for being a particularly friendly University. The community atmosphere around the town and campus is what our students love about the University.

Maynooth University has more than 100 clubs and societies, which international students are welcome to join. Some of the societies include political parties, art, craft and design, comedy, music, dance, drama, games and history. An active international students’ society arranges social evenings and weekends away.

On campus you will find a fully equipped gymnasium, where students can play badminton and basketball and take aerobics and circuit training sessions. There is also a pool and playing fields for outdoor sports such as soccer and rugby. Clubs and Societies sign-up days are shortly after orientation, so be sure to get involved.

Why immersion?