Resident Director

Dear Friends,

As an alumna of BCA with Manchester University in Indiana, my learning experience in the U.S. proves that BCA’s programs open windows to a bigger world, where we can explore new cultures, economies, politics and environments. Just as my study in the United States influenced me, your study in Dalian will have a profound impact upon your world view, your understanding of Chinese culture, as well as your understanding of yourself and your future goals!

As one of the world’s four great ancient civilizations and one of the fast growing developing economies at the same time, China has attracted the world’s attention, earning herself praise as well as criticism. You’re here to witness what’s really happening and to serve as the cultural bridge between the United States and China. Thus, your job is to explore, to learn, to reflect, and even to be a great influence. At times, you may feel that Chinese people know more about you than what you know about them! You can correct their misunderstandings, if there are any, and with your in-depth contact with the people and the local communities here you may even find a different China compared to what you expected to find.

Dalian, a coastal city also known as the shining pearl of North China, is well known for its dynamic economy, growth potential and nice environment. The city hosts around 22 universities and colleges and 32 research institutes, providing strong intellectual support to its economic and cultural development. If possible, try to connect with some of the academic communities during your study here.

Dalian has also played host to a series of high-level international conferences, including the fifth Asia-Europe Economic Ministers’ Meeting in 2003; a WTO informal ministerial meeting in 2005; and the ongoing Summer Davos. If you like, you can work as a volunteer with our students in DLUFL and open doors to meeting new people associated with these conferences.

As the family of 56 ethnic groups, China is sure to surprise you with its rich cultures, diverse values and customs, and different lifestyles. Your field trips will take you on a cultural feast, where you’ll see big cities that combine ancient civilization and modern life together. You will appreciate the cultural and natural heritage of China, explore the life of ethnic minorities as well as rural people. You’ll be overwhelmed with the hospitalities of your Chinese friends, the breath-taking sceneries, the delicious cuisines, and the interesting customs of the people here. There are economic opportunities and challenges, but also environmental protection struggles and dilemmas. Be alert to all these learning opportunities and enjoy your stay here.

Finally, you’ll fall in love with our host campus, where you can take courses in at least nine different languages including Chinese, for its natural and cultural beauty. You will make friends with your Chinese peers as well as other international students. You’ll find the Chinese students are willing to reach out to you for language and cultural communication, and they might offer you opportunities to taste the life of ordinary Chinese families and invite you for weekend homestays or short visits to their hometowns. You can also join the cultural activities of other international students and gain insights into their cultures. Please get immersed in the friendly community and make your stay here a rewarding experience.

I’ve been teaching English majors in DLUFL for more than┬áten years and will try my best to help you enjoy an unforgettable learning experience. I look forward to seeing you here, to travelling with you and to exploring the beauty of China together. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Xianghong Yao
Resident Director, BCA Dalian