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As a BCA Dalian student, you will study Chinese language and culture at the Dalian University of Foreign Languages, (DLUFL) which is the largest center for Chinese language instruction in northeast China and one of the first National Chinese Proficiency Test centers in China.

Language Proficiency

No previous knowledge of Chinese is required. Elective courses are taught in English.

Required Courses

All BCA students take a set of Chinese language courses, based on your on-site placement exam, as well as the BCA Core Course, “Introduction to Chinese Culture.”

Chinese Language Course Package (9-12 US Credits)

Chinese courses come as a “package set” based on your placement. For example, you may be placed into Foundational Chinese, along with a reading course and a listening course. Most BCA students place into the first and second-year courses. Third and fourth-year courses are also available, please contact BCA’s Program Advisor to learn more.

  • First-year courses:
    • Foundational Chinese (6 US credits); Chinese Listening (3 US credits)
  • Second-year courses: Divided into 3 levels, which are listed from the lowest to the highest level in the following list:
    • Level C: Foundational Chinese (6 US credits); Chinese Listening (3 US credits)
    • Level B: Foundational Chinese (6 US credits) ; Chinese Listening (3 US credits); Oral Chinese (3 US credits)
    • Level A: Foundational Chinese (6 US credits) ; Chinese Listening (3 US credits); Oral Chinese (3 US credits)

Introduction to Chinese Culture (3 US Credits)

This independent study course, led by the BCA Resident Director, is designed to help students develop a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and to provide opportunities to reflect on and contextualize experiences in China.

Additional Course Options

Students should plan to take 1 – 2 additional courses during the semester. Students can select from Chinese Arts & Culture classes (these vary each semester; see previous offerings below) as well as classes in International Business or Diplomacy. There may be additional course offerings in the School of English Studies, although these are typically limited to courses in the program for Translation Majors in School of English Studies. Students with an interest in teaching English as a second language should contact the BCA Program Advisor for more information about these options and possible teaching opportunities.

Chinese Arts & Culture (3 US Credits Each)

  • Beginning Erhu
  • Introduction to Tai Chi
  • Introduction to Kung Fu
  • Traditional Chinese Papercutting
  • Traditional Chinese Painting

International Business and Diplomacy Courses

Please note: The following table should be used when reviewing available courses in the School of Applied English, School for English Studies, or Business or Diplomacy courses to understand which semester a course is being taught:

Semester Number Fall or Spring Semester  Level
1 Fall Semester Freshman
2 Spring Semester Freshman
3 Fall Semester Sophomore
4 Spring Semester Sophomore
5 Fall Semester Junior
6 Spring Semester Junior
7 Fall Semester Senior
8 Spring Semester Senior

International Business

Course Code

Course Name Semester

U.S. Credits


Microeconomics (English) 5 3


Practice of  International Trade (English) 5



Marketing (English) 5



Macroeconomics (English) 6



International Business Law (English) 6


34229202 International finance (English) 6



Business Communication (English) 3



Multi-National Corporation Management (English) 5


34312202 International Trade (English) 6


34311202 International Business Etiquette (English) 7


International Diplomacy

Course Code

Course Name Semester Credits
35224202 Introduction to Diplomatic Protocol (English) 1



Practice of International Negotiations (English) 6


35311202 Introduction to Diplomatic Correspondence Writing (English) 6


*Additional International Business or Diplomacy classes may be available. If you have specific interests not listed here, please contact BCA’s Program Advisor.