Dalian People's SquareA thriving metropolis of more than seven million people, Dalian has become a key target in China’s effort to modernize. A Special Economic Zone has been set up on the outskirts of the city, attracting business primarily from Japan, South Korea, and the United States. The free market economy is booming in Dalian and BCA students benefit through work experience opportunities with major Chinese and joint venture companies.

The DLUFL campus is close to recreational beach areas and a city center with multiple restaurants and shops. Residents of Dalian never lack for recreation. The Wan Da soccer team is one of China’s best, and home game tickets can be obtained with a little advance planning. Excellent restaurants abound in the city, serving everything from Korean BBQ and Japanese sushi to some of the best seafood in China. Evening entertainment includes discos, clubs, and even bowling alleys. But the favorite local evening entertainment seems to be ballroom dancing, badminton, and “people watching” in the heart of the city on Zhongshan Square.


studentroomIn Dalian, students live in a dormitory for international students on DLUFL’s campus located in the Lyshunkou District, which is in the southwestern corner of the city. There are about 1,000 international students on campus from many European countries, as well as Russia, Korea and Japan.

You will have access to a communal kitchen with basic appliances, so you can prepare food and snacks in your dormitory. Additionally, the campus and surrounding area hosts an assortment of cafeterias and restaurants. You’re sure to find foods you love!

Computer Access

You will have Internet access in your dormitory, so it might be useful to take a laptop computer with you when you travel to China. There are computers located at the DLUFL library from which you can e-mail your friends and family. However, given the number of students on campus, it may be difficult to access the computer at times. If you cannot wait for a computer station to open, you may want to visit one of the many Internet cafés located throughout the city.


A student library and a number of sports facilities offer ample opportunities to interact with the large Chinese student population. Sports form an important part of life on the Chinese college campus. Students frequently play basketball, soccer, volleyball and run track. If sports don’t interest you, then you might want to look into working at a local school to teach English, which is an excellent way to meet other students.