Quick Facts

Language of Instruction

  • English. No previous experience with Chinese is necessary.
  • Chinese language classes are taught in Chinese.

Host University

Dalian University of Foreign Languages (DLUFL) 

GPA Requirement


Required Courses

  • Intensive Chinese Language (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Chinese Culture (3 credits)

Good for Majors

  • Arts & Humanities: Chinese Arts & Culture
  • Business & Communications: Diplomacy, International Business
  • Chinese


International dormitory on DLUFL’s new campus.

Resident Director

Xianghong Yao (Tina)


The resident director offers a general orientation to get you settled into your new home. During the orientation, you will receive a basic introduction to the university and meet some of its key staff members. You will also receive advice on academics, banking, personal safety, transportation and social and cultural events.

Student Visa

BCA students are required to obtain student visas for the stay in China. Students must apply for these visas at the Chinese Consulate or Embassy prior to departure for Dalian. BCA provides guidance on this process and students should reference this information on their BCA online account as soon as they are accepted.