Dalian, China

About-DalianDalian is located at the southern-most end of the Liaodong Peninsula. It has the biggest port in the northeast part of China, and it boasts beautiful views of the sea and hills. With a population of three million people, Dalian is a busy metropolitan area full of business, culture and historic architecture. The Japanese occupied the city for 40 years until World War II ended, which is reflected in its history and architecture.

  • Residents of Dalian speak standard Mandarin Chinese.
  • The Dalian International Fashion Festival occurs every August. Visitors and residents enjoy fashion shows, international performances, and multiple trade shows nestled throughout the city.
  • Because of its rich history, Dalian has architectural styles from Russia, Japan, the Baroque period, Gothic period and more.
  • The city has a prominent agricultural presence and harvests large amounts of fruit, making it known as the “city of apples.”
  • Dalian also hosts the Festival of Locust Trees and the Arts Festival.
  • Businesses from the United States, South Korea and more are drawn to the outskirts of the city due to its Special Economic Zone.
  • Dalian is known for men and women’s soccer, as well as track and field.
  • Its Acrobatics Troupe is famous throughout the world.