Fees & What’s Included

Cost of Program

Program cost varies widely based on factors such as the program location, length, number of students and faculty, amount of travel, and program inclusions. As part of the initial discussion with you regarding the program, we will discuss any budgetary concerns or constraints that you have. BCA’s goal with every program is to provide high-quality programs at a price that is reasonable for students. While we go to great lengths to keep the program cost fair, we are careful not to sacrifice quality of our standards.

When you receive your program proposal from BCA, it will indicate the per student fee that will be charged and the items that are and are not included in that fee.

What makes up the program fee?


Academic costs often make up a large portion of the program fee. These costs include things like classroom rental, contracts with a local university or professor, expenses for guest lecturers, donations to organizations visited as part of the academic program, and entry fees for museums and sites that are part of the course.

Accommodation and Meals

The types of housing available for students and faculty vary widely based on the program location, but in all cases it makes up a substantial part of the program fee. Housing options may include homestays, hotels, hostels, students residences and apartments.

Some programs will also include meals, which will add expense to the program fee, but may ultimately make it easier, and less expensive, for students. By including meals in the program fee, students do not need to budget for those separately.


Each program will have a different amount of in-country transportation based on the itinerary. For those with more travel, the transportation costs can become a significant expense. Typically, BCA does not include international flights in the program fee, but this could be arranged if need be.

Excursions & Entry Fees

Some programs include excursions and/or cultural visits as part of the student experience. These fees will be factored into the per student fee.

Faculty Expenses

The expenses for the faculty member, or members, accommodation, transportation, entry fees, etc. are included in the per student fee.

Health Insurance and Emergency Evacuation Services

Although this makes up a small part of the overall budget, it is a critical piece of a quality program. BCA requires students and faculty to have international health insurance for the duration of the program.

BCA Administrative Cost

This includes costs related to customized service support and program planning,  pre-departure support and guidance, the on-site BCA representative, etc.

Items Not Typically Included in the Program Fee

  • International flights
  • Compensation for faculty (salary, stipend, etc.)
  • Home school tuition/transcripts
  • Passport or Visa fees 
  • Immunizations
  • Personal expenses for students or faculty


BCA will invoice the institution for the total cost of the program according to the terms laid out in each contract. It will be the responsibility of the institution to bill and collect the program fee from each student.