Resident Director

I am glad you are considering journeying half way across the world to a country that is known variously as a land of mysticism, spirituality, and gurus, a growing economic power, a society steeped in traditions or a country where gennext is charging ahead. Whatever the time you spend in India – a few weeks, months or years – you will constantly find new sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that trigger your curiosity and thoughts.

As a BCA student in India you will meet with people from varied backgrounds, religions, languages, convictions and ideas. In Chennai you will see the old and new rubbing shoulders together. Your conversations will span wide topics spurred by what you hear and see. Your excursions as part of your study will take you to other parts of India giving you a chance to explore the immense diversity of landscapes, food, culture, people and much more that India has to offer.

As your Resident Director, I look forward to being a part of these explorations with you. Being Indian and having managed a study abroad program in India, I have had the pleasure of not only talking and walking India with students but also of seeing India through new eyes, with new questions and alternate perspectives.

I do hope you will take the plunge and join me in the process of discovery and learning in India. There will be moments of questioning, struggles with new situations and times when you miss all that is familiar. But, there will be many more moments of friendship, delight, wonder, achievement, excitement, inspiration, fun, and the sheer pleasure of being in a new environment. The India program will provide you with an incredible and memorable experience even if at times it all seems a bit of madness!

So read on and get going with your endless list of what, why, where, how and the many more questions that we shall answer together.

See you soon in India!

Anupama Pai
Resident Director, BCA Chennai