India’s long, rich and varied history makes this country an intriguing case study when it comes to history and political science. As a college student, history and political science study abroad programs can provide firsthand experience and valuable insight into India’s history and current political climate.

BCA offers a variety of history and political science study abroad programs in India that give students the opportunity to explore the many dimensions and contradictions within the Indian social and economic fabric. This knowledge is provided through courses in MCC’s departments of history and political science. Understanding the social, historical and political roots that have shaped India over time and continue to influence policy today provides students with insight into how a multicultural society functions.

About the Departments

The Department of History, established in 1887, is one of the oldest departments in the College. The department has offered a vocational course with specialization in archaeology and museology at the undergraduate level since 1994. The department works with the Government Museum and the State Archives to provide hands-on experience to students in the vocational course. In 1986 it became the first department to introduce Women Studies/Gender Studies in South India.

The Department of Political Science was launched in 1985, however, political science has been taught since 1963. The B.A and M.A courses are highly diversified with specialization in international relations, security studies, political sociology, human rights and political economy.

Elective Courses

History & Political Science students choose either two electives and an internship or three electives that are offered through the departments of history or political science. Please note that the selection of these courses is contingent upon course schedules, as there may be conflicts.

Below are the list of courses on offer for fall 2016. Course offerings may change each semester.

Fall 2016 Courses

Political Science Department

Course / Paper Credits
Political Theory 5
Comparative Government 4
Western Political Thought 5
Human Rights 4
Sociological Thought 5
Politics in India 5
Comparative Foreign Policies 4
Public Administration 4
Strategic Studies: Concepts and Issues 5

History Department

Course / Paper Credits
History of Ancient India Up to 12th Century A.D. 4
State, Society, Economy &Culture in Medieval India from 1206 to 1526 A.D. 4
History of Mughal India – 1526 – 1707 A.D. 4
An Outline History of South India up to 1565 A.D. 4
South Indian Art, Architecture & Performing Arts 5
Historiography & Research Methodology 4
History of USA – 1900 to 2000 A.D. 4
History of Europe – 1789 to 1919 A.D. 4
History of England – 1900 to 2000 A.D. 4
History of West Asia 1919 to 2003 A.D. 5

Internship Option for History & Political Science

Students in the History & Political Science track who choose to take two courses can than participate in an internship. Choice of  agencies may be restricted to those close to campus so as to facilitate regular visits and class attendance.


100 hours; 3 credits

Faculty – Mrs. Miriam Samuel, Head of Department, Social Work or under direct supervision of a faculty from that department