As a BCA Chennai student, you will enroll in courses at Madras Christian College, which offers a wide range of course options in specialized areas of study. You can also enhance your academic credentials while also gaining valuable first-hand experience with an internship placement that will benefit you throughout your career.  In addition to electives, you are required to enroll in BCA’s Signature Courses, which focus student learning on intellectual development, cross-cultural awareness and trans-disciplinary study, both through traditional classroom learning and in-field experiences.

Required Courses

Sample Courses

Each semester students choose from a limited set of courses based on their program track. The links below will provide more information on the types of courses offered in each track.

Popular Departments

  • Arts & Humanities: Biblical Studies, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, History, Philosophy, International Affairs, International Relations, Political Science, Theology
  • Business & Communications: Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, International Business, International Business Management, Management, Marketing, Marketing Management
  • Foreign Languages: Hindi, Tamil
  • Pre-Professional Studies: English Secondary Education, Health Science, Occupational Therapy, Social Work
  • Social Work: Community Organization, Administration, Development Economics, Research, Human Rights Studies

Language Proficiency

There is no language requirement for this program. You will enroll in Conversational Tamil for the duration of the program and will take all other courses in English.


In India courses are called “papers.” You will hear this terminology used when you are studying at MCC.


Students completing their degree at MCC enter in a certain major and all of their courses are related to that major. As a study abroad student, you will follow the same model and take all of your courses from one department. The only exceptions to this are for departments of History and Political Science, and the departments of Philosophy and the Institute for Advanced Christian Studies. In those cases, study abroad students are able to take courses between the two departments respectively. Specific courses do not hold pre-requisites, but you should certainly have knowledge of the subject area since you will be working with faculty and students with expertise in that area.

Teaching Style

Teaching style can be varied from what you are used to at your US college or University. Many faculty encourage classroom discussion, though the lecture mode is quite common. Courses consist of lectures, writing assignments and individual or group presentations.


Assessment is split into an end term examination and a series of continuous assessments through the semester, each contributing 50% towards the final grade. The end term assessment may be either a term paper or a written exam. The continuous assessment is a combination of written tests, papers, projects, presentations and small assignments.

Credits/Number of Courses

All BCA students take 2 – 3 elective courses at the department of their choice. Each course carries between 2 to 5 credits. The internship carries 3 to 6 credits based on number of hours. The BCA Signature course carries 3 credits. The total number of credits on your transcripts will thus range from a minimum of 12 to maximum 16 credits depending on course selection.

Course Registration information

Students will work with the BCA Chennai Resident Director during their application process to select appropriate courses. After arrival on-site, students will meet with faculty during orientation and finalize their courses. Students should send BCA a brief description of areas of interest for their internship once accepted into the program. Orientation visits to agencies will match these interests. In case of specific or specialized internship requirements, students should contact the Resident Director.