BCA’s partner, Madras Christian College, offers courses within its department of business administration for BCA students.The department has developed student-centered curriculum and industry-based learning methodologies to motivate and engage budding managers.

About the Department

The Department of Business Administration was established in 2001 with the goal of providing a holistic management education. With an objective of encouraging motivated business professionals the curriculum is designed to give a good grounding in theoretical knowledge and keep in step with current industry needs. Pedagogy includes lectures, seminars, engagement with industry professionals and student driven activities.

The department is ranked in the top 10 Bachelor programs in Business Administration at Arts & Science colleges in India by the India Today Education Survey.

Business Courses

Business students choose two electives and the internship (spring students only) or three electives (fall students) that are offered through the Department of  Business Administration. Please note that the selection of these courses is contingent upon course schedules, as there may be conflicts. Also, a maximum of 10 credits can be earned in these courses.

Below are the list of courses on offer for fall 2016. Course offerings may change each semester.

Fall 2016 Courses

Course / Paper Course Code Credits
Principles of Management BAM101 5
Business Economics BAM102 5
Business Statistics 5
Fundamentals of Management BAG102 2
Marketing Management BAM305 5
Financial Management BAM306 5
TQM / E-Commerce 5
Research Methodology BAM509 5
Contemporary Perspective of Management BAM511 5
International Business BAM614 5

Spring Internship Option for Business Students

Spring semester students in the Business track will have the option of completing a month-long internship in a business environment. Focus areas for the internship include, but are not limited to human resource management, service sector, retail sector, IT, automobile industry, and banking. The internship is full-time during the the month of March. Students do not take courses during this month, but rather complete a full-time internship. The internship is supervised by the department faculty and individual at the agency where they intern. This internship option is not available during the fall semester.