tajimageDiscover India with BCA! You will travel with your fellow BCA students to many amazing locations in India and enjoy opportunities to learn about India’s rich culture, history and traditions.

Academic excursions, which require students to submit a one to two page reflection paper, may include:


A short drive down the coast from Chennai, are rock-cut caves and sculptures at the ancient sea port of Mahabalipuram. Built between the 7th – 9th century AD, these caves are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. They are an excellent example of early Dravidian architecture and also have elements influenced by the town’s history of trading.


Based on a gridded town plan designed by the French, Pondicherry, a former French colony, takes you back in time. The influence of colonial history can be seen on architecture, street names, food and culture. Enjoy a sunrise over the Bay of Bengal, eat at one of the many French bakeries or stroll along the quite streets in the old town.

On the Malabar Coast

Travel across the peninsula in an overnight train waking up to a landscape painted green with paddy fields, coconut palms and the forests of the Western Ghats in the distance. Kerala has been a center of trade and exchange of ideas from way back in 3000 BC, hosting some of the first arrivals of Jews, Muslims and Christians. Get a glimpse of the cross-cultural influences that shape modern cosmopolitan through a visit to the Jewish synagogue, the oldest European church, a traditional martial and folk art performance, or a walk through the famed spice gardens.

Delhi – Agra – Jaipur

A trip to northern India introduces you to yet another facet of the diversity of Indian culture. A seat of power through the ages, ancient to modern, Delhi showcases the rubbing of shoulders between old and new. Be it the bylanes of Chandni Chowk, the leafy avenues of Luyten’s Delhi or the bustling commercial and residential areas, you have plenty of opportunities to see a nation rooted in the past and embracing the future.

Agra, famous for the Taj Mahal, a symbol of love, known world over and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Re-capture the magic through an early morning exploration, enjoying the intricate carving, and a visit to the Agra Fort in the distance along the Yamuna river.

Jaipur – wander through palaces and forts, ride an elephant and camel, peek into the world of royal granduer and pride.


One of the largest south Indian Muslim kingdoms, Hyderabad has made rich contributions to Indian culture through their patronage of art, architecture, learning and of course the famous cuisine. Walk through the ruins of the famed Golconda fort, be dazzled by the bangles of Laad bazaar, enjoy juicy kababs and learn about the city’s history and modern transformation into a destination for information technology companies.