As a BCA Cheltenham student, you will study alongside English students at the University of Gloucestershire, which offers a wide variety of courses in a large number of disciplines. This page will help you understand course offerings, requirements, academic system, and the course registration process in Cheltenham.

Required Courses

In addition to your courses at the University, all BCA students take the BCA Signature Course: British Life and Culture.

Course Listing

The link below will take you to the course listings for the University of Gloucestershire. Please keep in mind that these courses may not be offered when you are planning to study as course offerings frequently change at the University of Gloucestershire. As you prepare for your semester abroad, your resident director will help you to understand the courses that will be available and the course registration process.

Navigating to find courses can be a bit tricky. The steps below will help you find courses on the site.

  1. Select undergraduate studies and your desired subject area
  2. You will be provided with a list of majors within that subject area
  3. If you click on a major, you can then select course map on the right-hand navigation bar
  4. This will provide you with a list of courses
  5. If you click on a course, you can view the class summary

Popular Departments

  • Arts & Humanities: Creative Writing, English Language & Literature, Film Studies, Games Design, Graphic Design, History, Media Production, Music
  • Business & Communications: Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Information Technology, International Business, Marketing, Marketing Management
  • Pre-Professional Studies: Education, Events/Tourism Management, Fashion Design, Hotel & Resort Management, Social Work, Exercise & Sports Science, Television/Radio Production
  • Sciences: Biology, Environmental
  • Science Social Sciences: Psychology, Sociology

This may not be a comprehensive list. Please view the course listing link above.


At the University of Gloucestershire, a discipline or major is called a “course.” The courses are made up of individual study units called modules and subject areas are organized into fields.

Additionally, the UK education system has 3-year university programs, unlike the United State’s standard 4-year bachelor’s degree. If you see, level 1 – 6 on course descriptions that indicates the student’s semester of study. If you’re an upperclassman, BCA requires you to enroll in at least a level 4 class, since you are above beginner level.

Additionally, the standard rule is that 15 point UK courses are semester classes. Meanwhile, 60 point courses are year-long offerings. It’s possible for a 60 point courses to be condensed into one semester if it’s an intensive study, but it’s not as common. 15 point courses are worth 4 US credit hours.


Your work is assessed through essays, examinations, project work, group presentations, as well as field and laboratory reports.

Course Registration

When you apply to the program, you will be asked to list courses that you are hoping to take while in Cheltenham. This list is for advising purposes as it helps BCA understand your course needs and make sure that our program is a good fit for you. You will officially register for your courses once you arrive on site. That means that you will need to remain flexible about your courses until you arrive and officially register.  You should plan to have a list of approved courses and approved alternate course choices with you. You will also want to have contact information for you study abroad advisor, academic advisor, registrar or any other person who can approve courses at your home school. That way, you will be prepared in case you want or need to take a course that had not already been approved.