BCA encourages students to take advantage of learning opportunities both in and beyond the classroom!

At Vesalius College, students have the chance to work with “Serve the City,” an association that makes contact with other organizations already active in Brussels.  Locals run most of these organizations, and the focus is serving those often overlooked by society.  “Serve the City”also organizes events to serve in simple ways, such as through sports, music, arts and crafts, meals, friendship and more.  Learn more here .

We are working to establish new volunteer opportunities all the time, so please let us know when completing your application if you are interested in volunteering while studying abroad. Once on site, your resident director will work with you to find a placement that fits your schedule and your goals, as well as the organization’s needs.  Our hope is that your volunteering experience will be mutually beneficial for both you and the organization!  BCA’s expectation is that students take their volunteering commitment seriously and demonstrate this by faithful attendance and communication with their organization.