Host Families: Five Things Your Study Abroad Student Wishes You Knew

July 27, 2016

Many students who study abroad live in a homestay for the duration of their experience, which can be an invaluable, albeit initially stressful, experience. Within a few weeks of adjustment to a new environment, your family’s individual quirks will become comfortable, a familiar island in a proverbial sea of change and challenges. Much like with […]

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Introduction to Analog Photography: Course Reflection

July 27, 2016

Spring 2016 BCA Marburg student, Dugan Polizotto just finished his study abroad program and reflected upon his experience in the BCA course, PHT 160:  Introduction to Analog Photography. Here’s what he had to say! What was your PHT 160 experience like?  What were you expecting from the course and what was it actually like? My experience […]

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Noticing Differences: Vienna and Marburg vs. the US

July 18, 2016

Understanding the United States of America is not the center of the world, seems like an obvious realization. Many people most likely come to this understanding without ever heading outside of U.S. borders. However, you may never truly think about it critically until you take that step and venture into a world vastly different than […]

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Barcelona Changed Me

July 15, 2016

During my time with BCA-Barcelona, I experienced and learned many things about myself and the world around me. Although it may sound cliché, it is true. I learned different things about myself, but a couple of the most important ones are that I am good in new social situations and therefore I should not fear […]

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Claiming Valladolid, Spain as My City

July 13, 2016

Cities are cities. In a city of any magnitude, each has its own version of the significant historical buildings, bustling commercial sectors, and sprawling suburban neighborhoods, all connected in a whirlwind of aggressive energy and ambitious inhabitants. With a population of just over 300,000, moderately-sized Valladolid maintains a spirited balance of the three. As a […]

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Amazon Toxic Tour Reflection

July 11, 2016

After the culture and justice small group meeting about the messy oil history in the Amazon, my director (and theater major extraordinaire), Daniel Bryan, mindlessly hummed the tune to “Somewhere” from West Side Story. I thought this was a perfect way to wrap up my thoughts from that night’s discussion and to continue reflecting on […]

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What Now, Britain?

June 30, 2016

By Dr. Stephen Burwood, Chief Academic Officer I have a confession. I am British. For all the years I have been in the United States, I cannot change that. Apart from one cousin, my whole family still lives in Britain. Despite 15 years in international education and many more spent living somewhere else, I care […]

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What to Consider When Selecting A Study Abroad Program

June 17, 2016

I often tell students that studying abroad is what you make of it. It’s about the choices you make each day to engage in the local community, be active in your classes, and understand your new surroundings, rather than focus on what’s happening at home, obsessing over social media, or “collecting” countries through constant travel. […]

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Bucket List: Taking Full Advantage of Your Study Abroad Experience

June 16, 2016
bucket list image

When you’re preparing to study abroad, you’ll likely crosscheck multiple lists before you leave. Don’t forget to plan for some fun while studying abroad, too! Consider creating a study abroad bucket list to ensure you make time for everything. Studying abroad isn’t only about the time in the classroom, lecture hall and lab. It’s also […]

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