BCA Scholarships

January 9, 2014

Apply today! Financing study abroad can be a challenge for many students. BCA would like to help make things a bit easier by offering you a chance to apply for a $750 scholarship toward the cost of your BCA study abroad experience. The scholarships are open to all BCA applicants who meet the requirements and […]

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Allen C. Deeter

December 28, 2013

BCA mourns the loss of Allen Deeter, who served as executive director of the organization for more than 20 years. Passionate about international education, peace and the students he encouraged to study abroad, Dr. Deeter made enormous contributions to BCA and built many programs that continue to this day. Allen Deeter Obituary Dr. Allen C. […]

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Fully Immersed in Barcelona

December 13, 2013

As I reflect on the last four months that I have spent living and studying in Barcelona, I realize it turned out to be an experience far from my expectations.  Instead, studying abroad in Barcelona turned out to be even more unforgettable and amazing than I could have ever imagined.  I not only learned the […]

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December 4, 2013

October 16 Here is briefly how it all started:  Last fall in November 2012, my Spanish professor organized a weeklong trip to Xalapa through Rob to experience cultural events like, Dia de los Muertos, learn more about the study abroad program, and to practice Spanish while we were there.  I jumped right on the trip […]

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A Day in the Life of Lindsey Wedel

November 28, 2013

November 28, 2013 I’ve been telling you about all my exciting adventures across Europe, which makes it sound like that is all I do. However, I spend most of my time doing almost mundane things in Brussels. My first responsibility as a student is supposed to be to my classes and homework. Therefore, I spend […]

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Fall 2013 Blog Of Corinne Weller

November 15, 2013

November 14 Well, it’s official. I have passed the halfway point. It feels kind of bizarre, because when I look at the last three months I think, “Wow! That went so fast!” When I look at the next three months, though, it’s a mixture between “Awesome, I still have three more months to learn and […]

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¡Viva México! Katie Appleby’s Blog

November 5, 2013

5 November 2013 With all the excitement around this time of year, time has passed faster than ever. Two weeks ago was the Jazz Festival and there were so many concerts and activities offered all around the city. Fliers were handed out, informing the public of some of the events going on. This made it […]

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Why I Loved BCA Barcelona

April 24, 2013

From my initial arrival into the city, I was struck by its enticing lifestyle: the flow of urban living paired with traditional Spanish values of courtesy make the city a seemingly utopian place to live.  Rather than simply relying on the appeals of the city, the BCA program took the time and effort to structure […]

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BCA’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

August 14, 2012

BCA Study Abroad Celebrates 50 Years: 1962-2012 BCA’s first program was launched on August 16, 1962, when 20 students set sail for Europe (portion of group seen in this picture). After ten days at sea, the group arrived in Rotterdam, Holland eagerly anticipating a rich cultural experience. A chartered bus with luggage trailer met them […]

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The Women of Pudupakkam

August 10, 2012

I have found that there is almost peace in the chaos and comfort in knowing that I am just one of eight million in this city. Yes, 8 million people live in Chennai. Sometimes I forget where I am and have an epiphany moment that snaps me right back. It is like, whoa… so this […]

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