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Snapchat Takeover From A Wintry London Excursion

The holidays are always an exciting time – especially when you’re abroad! Depending on your host country’s customs and beliefs, experiencing traditional holiday culture is a perfect way to understand your new home and connect with the local community – be it a holiday you’re familiar with or not. For many students studying abroad in Europe and Great Britain, winter activities can sometimes provide a feeling of comfort as their customs are not as far removed from U.S. practices. Nonetheless, taking time to see how other countries celebrate, engage and communicate over the holidays provides a priceless, geographical and cultural learning opportunity.

During the Fall 2017 semester in London, BCA students went on an excursion to Kew Gardens. In case you missed the snapchat takeover from Christmas at Kew, we’ve captured it for you. Follow along as Jensen Lassiter of Manchester University shows you around the trail of more than one million twinkling lights!

Snapchat Takeover From a Wintry London Excursion

“Kew Gardens was magical. It seemed like Christmas was everywhere you looked. From the singing trees to the bridge over the pond, twinkling lights were everywhere. Christmas songs poured out from the gardens as we enjoyed cups of hot cocoa and hot cider. We walked through in absolute awe, singing to every song we knew. The entirety of the Gardens were lit in the most amazing lights and decorations. Of course, no trip would be complete without a group photo, how quickly the six of us became a family. Toward the end we placed our wishes onto a tree, hoping that we would never have to leave London, and that we’d stay friends forever. Kew was more magical than you could believe, and it made London feel even more like home, especially during the holidays.”

– Jensen Lassiter, Fall 2017 London, England and Manchester University student

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