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My First Month in Quito, Ecuador – A Study Abroad Photo Journal

I have been in Ecuador for over a month now.  Here are some of the highlights from my Quito Photo Journal:

The Beginning

Upon arrival, I participated in an orientation where I learned a lot about Quito. We explored the Historic Center of Ecuador, which is very beautiful.  There is a street where no cars can drive, it and it reminds me of State Street in Madison, Wisconsin because cars aren’t allowed to drive there either.

Then, I moved in with my host family.  They are really swell people!

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BCA Classes and Excursions

I started my intensive Spanish and culture class. I feel like my speaking has really improved in a short time!

On a BCA excursion we visited Cochasquí, the largest Pre-Columbian archaeological site in Ecuador. Here I am feeding some llamas at the base of the ancient pyramids!

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I also visited the Equator!

I bought pan flute, because they are so popular here.  I have been learning some songs.

Trip to the Amazon Rainforest

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My next BCA trip was to the Amazon rainforest.

I took part in the toxic tour where I learned about how Chevron oil Company has turned parts of the Amazon into plastic and caused cancer rates of locals to skyrocket.  There is currently a lawsuit against them.  Check out this video to learn more, I really encourage watching it!

Here is a photo of a Chevron oil pump that has been leaking since 1988.

Study Abroad Life

The Amazon is very picturesque: (But it won’t be forever if consumerism continues to penetrate our culture)

In the Amazon, a monkey sat on my shoulder and I fed a turtle!

study abroad life

Study Abroad Life

Classes have just started and I am really liking them so far!

Sometimes I feel a little homesick, but that’s OK because most of the time everything is AWESOME!


About the Author – Annika Harley, Year 16-17 BCA Quito, Ecuador Student

Annika is a Manchester University student from Madison, Wisconsin. She’s a junior majoring in Peace Studies and Social Work, as well as minoring in Spanish.

Quito Photo Journal

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