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Snapchat Takeover in Trento, Italy with Acadia LeBlanc

When looking at options for studying abroad over the summer, where do you typically gravitate towards? Most students would imagine major cities likes Paris, Berlin or Rome. However, the truth is that everyone heads towards those locations for vacation during summer break. Cities, with all of their charm and history, are flooded with tourists from countries all over the world. If you’re studying abroad in one of these European destinations, how easily will you be able to separate local culture and customs with tourist culture? How well will the locals be able to separate you from the tourists in an effort to get to know you? Therefore, do as the Romans do…leave the hot city and head to the mountains!

The Italian Alps are located in northern Italy between Switzerland and Austria. These gems of Italian culture, are home to the famous Dolomites, alpine lakes, nature parks, Parmesan cheese, the northernmost production of olive oil and breathtaking views. Here, in the Trentino region of Italy, BCA students can also get an authentic Italian experience studying Italian Language & Culture as well as Food, Sustainability & Landscapes at Dolomit. If you’re looking for an authentic, off-the-beaten-path experience – the BCA Trentino program offers just that.

Not convinced? Get an insider perspective from summer 2017 and Colby-Sawyer College student, Acadia LeBlanc, of one of BCA’s educational excursions. Acadia hosted a BCA snapchat takeover in Trento, Italy, the capital city of Trentino. Trento is home to the famous science museum, MuSe, and authentic Italian culture.

Snapchat Takeover in Trento, Italy with Acadia LeBlanc

Snapchat Takeover Acadia LeBlanc Snapchat Takeover in Trento, Italy

BCA Trentino Italy Program

Food, Sustainability & Landscapes in ItalyMuSe, science museum in Trento, Italy

trentino, italy

BCA Snapchat Takeover in Trento, Italy

Check out new snapchat takeovers as they are happening in real time by following us at the snapcode below! If you would like more information about the BCA Italy program, check out our webpage here. BCA accepts students on a rolling basis, so it’s never too early to apply! Spend next summer in ITALY!!!

Interested in sharing your story about studying abroad or hosting your own BCA Takeover? Contact us at inquiry@bcastudyabroad.org. We love to hear about your study abroad experience and see what a day-in-the-life of a student abroad looks and sounds like! You can also follow us at the snapcode below or at the handle @BCAStudyAbroad on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

snapchat takeover trento italy



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