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What I Learned in Schloß: Top 5 Reasons to Live in The Castle

5 reasons to live in Schloß CastleThe BCA Marburg program gives you a chance to live with local students in a self-governed residence located in the Schloß. To say that I would have had a much different experience in Marburg if I did not live in the castle would be an understatement. Let me explain my top 5 reasons why living in the castle in Marburg was the best decision I made when I went abroad with BCA Study Abroad.

1. The People

Share meals with local students when you live in the castleTo say that I have made connections over here would be putting it lightly. The people that I have met here and, the friends that I have made have been more than I could have ever asked for. There’s nothing quite like Tuesday morning breakfasts with Andy and Anika where we talk and joke about our days. I can’t put a price tag on how much these people have made my experience here.

2. The Food

Inga is the most amazing cook that I have had the pleasure of meeting. When you live in the castle you get the ability to eat lunch Monday to Friday in the castle. The food is only the main course though; you get to talk with everyone in the castle, as well as you really feel part of a larger family here. The fastest way to anyone’s heart is through food, and Inga hits the nail on the head with that one!

3. Location

Located comfortably in a castle in the middle of Marburg, it is the best place to live in my opinion. You are a quick five-minute walk to the BCA Office on Marktplatz, as well as a ten-minute walk away from the Mensa and student center located on Marburg University campus. To make it better, the closest shopping center is a five-minute walk away as well. You can’t find a better location to live in Marburg!

4. Frickzimmer

Making dinner together in the castle in Marburg, GermanySingle handedly the best place ever to study and hangout. Located within the castle, you have access to a TV, Library, Chill room, Billiards, Darts, and a private garden. This is just the tip of the iceberg because you also have access to these wonderful amenities whenever you feel like it! The nicest thing about all of this is the fact that you can bond with the other students in the castle over something other than trying to learn German. It truly makes your experience here one of a kind!

5. Active involvement in the castle

Many would think that living in a castle is a fairy world full of wonder and joy, and those people would be right, but more so you play an active role in making the castle run smoothly. We have weekly meetings on Monday nights that are extremely important and interesting. It is all in German, which really enhances your comprehension and should not be something to make you shy away! Instead you truly have an opinion and all here want to hear and appreciate it! This also gives you the ability to meet everyone that lives in the castle and hangout afterwards if you would like to of course! 10/10 would recommend for friends and family!

About the Author – Dakota Rhodes, Spring 2017 BCA Marburg, Germany Student

Dakota is from central Indiana and attends Wabash College, where he is pursuing a BA in German and a minor in Classics. After college, Dakota is looking to pursue higher education in renewable energy. While on this German study abroad adventure, Dakota simply recommends that everyone go into every unknown with a smile and enjoy life as it comes at you!


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